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What’s New With Our Siberian Kittens? See Below to Find Out!

At Siberian Cats of New York, besides selling our EXQUISITE silver kittens, we are excited to be adding MORE colors to our palette with new breeders. If you do not see a color or pattern in our available kittens for sale, please CONTACT US and ask! We may have YOUR kitten coming up. SCROLL DOWN to see some of our beautiful kittens available from our cattery! DON’T DELAY, CALL TODAY! For more information, click on the bars under frequently asked questions.


Some breeders do their own vaccines and health checks.  We do NOT! All kittens are examined by an established, NY state-licensed veterinarian.  They receive a COMPLETE health check and first round of vaccinations prior to being adopted. A health booklet will be given of all procedures and dates noted.


It’s comforting to know your kitten has been seen by a veterinarian.  Your full one-year health guarantee starts from the DATE OF SALE; not the date of birth. Our cattery is FeLV/FIV negative and ringworm freeIf you choose another breeder, be sure you are getting this service – don’t settle for less!


Prices of our Siberian kittens range from $1200.00 to $1500.00. A $300.00 NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT is required to hold a specific kitten and will be applied at time of purchase. Balance of kitten MUST BE PAID IN FULL prior to sale and release of the kitten. NO kitten is released unless in an approved, secure pet carrier for their safety. We no longer air ship our kittens. Kittens are picked up at or near our premises at a secure location. Even if we give you an approximate date of adoption, please be aware that kittens are ready to leave us on THEIR TIME, not ours. WHEN THEY ARE READY TO GO OUT INTO THE WORLD, THEY WILL LET US KNOW! 


  Our Siberian kittens are sold as pets and come with a spay/neuter agreement. Under NO condition do we sell ANY kittens as BREEDERS, OR WITH BREEDING RIGHTS. You will agree to take care of this kitten for its’ life, and yes, there will be times when expenses are involved. This is a “Forever Cat”, not an “Until Cat”; until something else comes along! And if you can’t promise care of your pet forever, then our kitten is NOT for you!


Any and all interested parties: Siberian Cats of New York and its’ affiliates does NOT sell any Siberian cat or kitten for any breeding, breeding rights, breeding purpose as breeders, with, or for any type of associated breeding intent. For parties involved, in the purchase and signing of our contract: loaning out any, or exchange, or lent out to borrow, any of our cats or kittens for their lives for any breeding type of intent is a breach and violation of our contract and legal action will be sought, taken and put in place at your expense.

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Comprehensive genetic contract with generous health guarantee.


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