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We choose our breeders very carefully. To produce GREAT kittens, you need GREAT cats! It could take over a year to get just the “right” breeder to join our cattery. To insure TOP QUALITY, we look at heritage, type, health and temperament. We check to make sure they are NOT color point carriers. We only breed traditional Siberian cats and kittens!

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When we do accept a new Siberian cat into our cattery, they go through a vigorous testing program to ensure they are FeLV/FIV NEGATIVE and do not have any potential problems. They get a thorough background check, must have a long history of champions, with little issues in past generations. Most of our Siberians come from some of the most prestigious catteries IN THE WORLD! Our cattery and cats are registered with TICA.


Regarding our Siberian breeders, cattery, cats and our kittens: We are a CLOSED CATTERY! We do NOT send our cats out anywhere for breeding purposes, nor do we stud for other catteries. This helps to ensure we maintain a “closed” cattery.


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